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Pantry Pandemonium

Is it weird that I get excited when I see a cluttered space? I think many of my clients are embarrassed or assume I can't stand to see the any sort of disorganization, but that is not true at all! We all have areas that need work and I truly get butterflies thinking about helping my clients get a little piece of mind. This was definitely the case when I first saw this pantry project.

This pantry space was one of the only storage spaces in this home. The homeowners had moved in and were unsure not only how they wanted to utilize their pantry but also whether or not it was the right place to store additional items beyond just food.

As with any organization project, things got worse before they got better. I began sorting the left side of the pantry and then the right. I like to work from top to bottom without jumping around. I this case, I sorted items and created a pile of things for the home owner to go through and determine the correct final destination for those items.

In the end it took about four hours but we worked together and were able to determine specific placements for the different categories of pantry contents. We were able to utilize the pantry storage bins she already possessed and created a list of items she planned to purchase to complete the organization process.

I love how the space seems so much bigger! We did remove quite a few items and relocated them to new areas. There is still space to go grocery shopping and the plan is to hang some cleaning supplies on the wall to left. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this space, the satisfaction at the end of a job is rewarding. However, even more rewarding was the knowledge that I was able to help tackle a task that was daunting for my client!

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