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Storage Room Shape-up

I always like to be sure I understand my client's goals for their space before we begin a project. With this basement storage room, the ultimate goal was relocation. With an upcoming move in mind, we knew that purging as much of the contents of this space were top priority. On top of that, anything that was saved needed to be packed up to easily and moved when the time came.


This was a project that took a little more than one day to complete. I worked one on one with my client. We worked around the room from left to right, staying focused on each item and not moving on until that space was clear.


We designated four different sorting areas: keep, trash, donate and garage sale. At the end of the job our garage sale pile was massive; it took up a good portion of another room in the basement. I took all the items that we had designated to donate to the thrift store with me. As soon as we were done, I dropped them off at the thrift store. This is service I'm happy to provide because I love supporting my local thrift store AND I know how those donation piles get passed over day after day.

What a relief it was to clear this space out! Each item that remained in the storage space was either something that was being kept or needed to be returned to a family member. There were no longer any loose items without a purpose. Everything was boxed up and ready to move. This was a satisfying job. From start to finish we were able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Over twenty years of stored items were rehomed and it felt good!

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