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New Every Mornin' (NEM) offers organizational services to  help you simplify, organize and restore order to your space.Following you will find an overview of my services, rates and what to expect when we get started. I'm looking forward to discussing your needs, starting on your project, and helping you achieve your goals!

Tidy Closet

Home Managment Focus

Simplfy your space by

targeting overflow, 'problem' areas in the home.

Don't let neglected areas of your home hold you back any longer. I am available to help with any of the following areas and more!

  • closet

  • pantry

  • basement

  • attic

  • storage room

  • home office

  • laundry room

  • garage

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Mover Packing

Relocation Focus

Prepare your home for

sale or moving by decluttering, purging and packing.

Moving can be a stressful time, especially if you have a tight timeline or are needing to sell your current residence. I am available as a coach and extra set of hands throughout the relocation process. I can help you:​

  • declutter target areas

  • purge items

  • stage your space for show

  • pack belongings

  • transport doation items

  • unpack and organize after relocation

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Checking Inventory

Unoccupied Property Focus

Clean out a property

that has been

neglected or unused.

Often times unused properties are forgotten and the contents become an overwhelming task to tackle. I am to help you purge and declutter vacant properties such as:

  • inherited properties

  • new purchases

  • warehouses

  • storage units

  • rental properties

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Rates & Fees

In home assessment: $40 (applied toward future session fee)

Hourly rate is $40 per hour based on booking a minimum 3-hour time block. 

Travel fee applies for locations outside the local area.

The cost of organization supplies will be added to your bill with no additional markup.


Payment is due after each completed single session. Cash, check or card accepted.

  • 3-hr Starter Block

    Test the waters on a quick task
    • This plan functions as a trial/starter plan
    • Often works well for a coat closet or small pantry project
  • 6-hr Day-by-Day

    Choose this plan to schedule a 6 hour/full day block
    • This package is good for projects with indefinite endings
    • This options works well for a bedroom or master closet
  • 18-hr Saver Plan

    Choose this package to save on multiple day projects
    • This plan includes three 6-hr days
    • This option is for big projects like packing/moving prep
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Rates are subject to change and pricing is locked in for 60 days upon signing of client contract.

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What to expect

  • Free Phone Consultation: When you call, we will discuss the project you wish to tackle. Following the preliminary phone consultation, should you decide to proceed, we will either schedule an in-home assessment or a session, based on my understanding of your needs. Larger projects may require an in-home assessment.

  • In-Home Assessment: Every project is different. An in-home assessment gives us a chance to meet in person, walk through your space and talk more about the details and priorities of what needs to be accomplished. This will help with the planning process and allow me to make session recommendations before starting. The contract will be signed at this time.

  • On Location Sessions: When I arrive at your location to begin work on your project, I will have already mapped out a strategy to implement. Your input will also be considered as we develop a plan to tackle your project.  You, as the client will be expected to be present during each session, unless otherwise laid out in the project plan. I will help you sort and make decisions on items. There are typically four directions you can choose for each item - keep, donate/sell, waste and needs further attention. I may assign 'homework' in between sessions to help you make further progress on days I am working on other projects.

  • Donation Option: The client has the option to choose to have items transported to a donation drop-off.  Each session, donation items may be transported as vehicle space allows. If you choose this option, you will not receive a charitable contribution receipt for these items. 

    *Please note* NEM is not a cleaning service. Projects that require deep cleaning, such as staging for open house, do not meet our project critera. Please consider hiring a cleaning service for these tasks.  

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